Should I write another story?

It’s been more than 2 years after my last “real” post. The latest one you read is actually a very old draft which haven’t published. Frankly speaking, it is not because I don’t have much time to write down every details of my trips or any movies that needs to be reviewed. I just get bored.

Lately, from early 2019, I mostly took a video and post it to my YouTube channel and well, I’m glad it gains viewers. The only reason why I switched to YouTube is simply because I don’t have to type what’s on my mind and I do minor editing on my videos to make it as real as possible.


Also another reason why I haven’t posted anything to my lovely blog is because Path is closing down! I cannot linking my post from social media (in this convo is Path) to my blog. Too lazy if I need to copy paste all words and images from one platform to another.

If you think that I’m too lazy posting a new blog post coz I cannot earn much from blogging, I definitely marked an X to your thought. I don’t care that much with how much I’ll earn from social media platform. I just want you guys knows about my stories (not my daily life as I still keep it privately even though I’m not a celebrity LOL), my travel journey and movies I have seen on the silver screen. I just want to saying out loud what’s on my mind so you guys know what is my point of view toward something.

So, knowing that I already have a spare time now, do you guys think I need to update this blog again? Or should I keep on posting only on YouTube or Instagram?

Let me know your feedback on the comment box below.


XOXO- Khiks!

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