Movie Review: All The Money in The World (2018)

Minggu lalu, para penggiat #TimesUp movement di Twitter ramai membicarakan film ini karena adanya pay gap antara Mark Wahlberg dengan Michelle Williams untuk proses reshoot adegan dari semula bareng Kevin Spacey menjadi Christopher Plummer. Tapi terlepas dari kontroversi tersebut, gue pun tetep pengen nonton film ini daripada gue buang wang ke pilem Insidious 4 (sorry jek, … Continue reading Movie Review: All The Money in The World (2018)

Movie Review: Dunkirk

By the time you read this post, I unsure whether this great movie is still available on the theater nearby. But before it's too late, let me share my thought after I watched this movie last week. Here you go! First of all and personally, I'm proud to say that this movie is the best … Continue reading Movie Review: Dunkirk