Movie Review: Darkest Hour (2018)

Victory, victory victory! Itu yang gue pertama rasain selepas nonton film terbaru Gary Oldman. Film dengan durasi 2 jam ini emang perlu disimak buat kalian yang emang suka sama film yang berlatar belakang sejarah gaes. But, overall, below are my simple review as usual: Gary Oldman is totally a bloody bad-ass. He's all the spotlight, … Continue reading Movie Review: Darkest Hour (2018)

Movie Review: Dunkirk

By the time you read this post, I unsure whether this great movie is still available on the theater nearby. But before it's too late, let me share my thought after I watched this movie last week. Here you go! First of all and personally, I'm proud to say that this movie is the best … Continue reading Movie Review: Dunkirk